5 Home Improvements That Will Pay Off

5 Home Improvements That Will Pay Off

When it comes to making decisions about renovating your property, especially
when you intend to sell at some point, it is always important to keep in mind the return
on investment for your renovation. There are quite a few ways to boost your home’s
value with relatively easy improvements.

1. Kitchens and Bathrooms
These are typically the first things that many buyers will inspect when buying a
new house and is one of the best ways to catch attention for your listing. Kitchens and
Bathrooms are a very common renovation that can net massive gains when selling.
Sellers typically report anywhere from a 70% to 100% returns on these improvements
when selling.

2. Curb Appeal
Making sure that your home looks good from the road is extremely important. As
a potential buyer drives up to the showing, they will be more interested if they are blown
away by the way house looks from the road. Many of these renovations are extremely
easy and cheap and just involve a new coat of paint and some landscaping.

3. Additions
While likely being the most expensive renovation on this list, it will also net you
the most gains overall. The additions of an extra room or an extra bathroom can have
an amazing effect on the price of a listing and overall be a great investment for your
future. According to the National Study of Realtors, every extra 1,000 square feet will
average a 30% increase in the homes value.

4. Bells and Whistles
Everyones loves a fun special thing that there house offers that many other
houses dont have. Whether it be a wine cellar, an interesting bedroom, or a luxurious
dining room, any of these upgrades are sure to spark the interest of buyers who may
not have known that they were even interested to begin with.

5. Outdoor Entertainment
In the Bay Area, where the weather remains relatively amazing all year, having a
nice outdoor entertainment area is extremely popular. Additions such as firepits and
outdoor patio spaces are extremely common throughout the counties and are extremely
important in a buyers eyes and could make or break an offer. A lot of these renovations
can be pretty pricey but in the end you will see a massive return when you decide to list
your property!

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