Downtown Larkspur’s Rebirth

Downtown Larkspur’s Rebirth

Larkspur is quickly becoming an extremely popular location for families of all ages due to the wide variety of options it brings to the table. The central location, proximity to good schools, lively downtown, and wide variety of housing options are all factors that put Larkpur high on everyones list. 

Over the past few years, downtown Larkspur has blown up as a place to get a drink or enjoy an amazing family dinner. Although the downtown may be small, the options it provides are extremely popular and loved by all. A personal favorite of mine is Perry’s, a traditional American restaurant say right on Larkspur Creek with both indoor, outdoor, and bar seating. Perry’s has arguably one of the best menu’s in Marin and the bar is always a great place to watch a game or meet up for a drink with friends. 

Unlike most downtowns, Larkspur also has an amazing atmosphere in the mornings with popular coffee shops, Equator and Emporio Rulli, as well as Farm House Local, an amazing breakfast or brunch spot with an amazing Huevos Rancheros dish. As you walk down Magnolia Avenue there are plenty of small boutiques and galleries to pop your head into as well that make for a fun and easy post meal activity. 

As mentioned earlier, real estate in Larkspur is extremely diverse and can really fit to anyones needs. There is everything from an amazing marina community located on Corte Madera Creek with beautiful houses backing up to the marina or the creek to the more secluded Baltimore Canyon with houses nestled between massive redwood trees. All of these neighborhoods are a relatively short walk or drive to the downtown area which makes for a great warm weather stroll into town for dinner or lunch.

Larkspur is an amazing area that will check all of the boxes. The combination of diversity in the properties, a lively downtown, and great local schools make it a great town to add to your list of areas to look in. The demand for houses is very high so make sure to be active!

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