Growing Up in Marin

Dont Forget the Kids!

Growing up in Marin County has been enlightening towards the community oriented
and family friendly suburbs of this amazing place. One of the main attractions for
families moving to Marin is to build and expand a family in an area with unbeatable
education system, safety and security of neighborhoods, and room to grow. This being
said, an understanding of what the county has to offer is extremely important as well to
be able to raise and grow your family in whatever way you deem fit. There are town and
neighborhoods that tend to be populated by older crowds and there are neighborhoods
that are perfect for younger or older families. In the end it comes down to deciding what
is important to you, the buyer, and the needs of your family.

The education system is typically the main focus for expanding families and the
schooling system in Marin as well as the opportunities it creates are sure to give your
children the best possible building blocks as they continue to grow up! Another amazing
part of the schools in Marin is that the public schools are nationally honored (which also
helps with home values!) While this may work for some children, there are also
countless other private schools that can be beneficial to different learning types such as
the small class sizes at Marin Horizon or MCDS or the catholic oversight of MArin
Catholic. All of the public and private schools offer different opportunities and biases
towards certain extracurriculars which is perfect for when your childs interests begin to
expand. The county is split into districts for public schools but applying for a district
change is not hard.

Aside from the schooling, the overall community orientation throughout Marin is
astounding. In every part of Marin that I lived in growing up, I have fond memories of
throwing the ball with my buddies at block parties, knowing everyone in my
neighborhood, and feeling safe. Every neighborhood and town has their own respective
events whether its neighborhood wide trick or treating in massive parade in Mariner’s
Cove or Shady Lane to the little league parades through larkspur and and kentfield. It is
an amazing way to make new friends, enjoy sunny summer days, and get to know your
neighbors. These also provide for an amazing way for your kids to make new friends in
the neighborhood and community.

For many parents the summer can be a difficult time with kids. In marin, not so
much! The overwhelming amount of summer camps and summer activities for kids is
amazing for the parent who still has to work. There are camps for kids of all ages as
well as many activities that can take up the day such as bike rides, the open pool at
College of Marin, Ross Valley Summerschool to name a few. You will have no trouble finding even the most niche camp or activity for your kids so they can enjoy their summer while you are work!

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