Moving to Marin

Moving to Marin

So you are looking to move to Marin but you don't really know what to expect.
Take it from someone who was born and raised in Marin County, you are in for a treat.
Marin County is truly one of the most naturally beautiful places in the US with its
endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. The neighborhoods and towns in Marin
offer an extremely wide variety of lifestyles that can apply to any potential buyer whether
you gravitate toward the large and secluded properties of Ross or the Mill Valley
flatlands properties with endless food and park options within walking distance. The
versatility of neighborhoods is an important defining factor as to why Marin is such an
amazing place. Marin is also an extremely easy commute for anyone who works in San
Francisco or the East Bay who is looking to have a more relaxing, suburban lifestyle as
well as being a great place to start a family or expand one!

As far as nature goes, you could not have picked a better place. Marin county is
surrounded by expansive open space preserves that offer plenty of options for hiking,
camping, mountain biking, and much more. The Dipsea, Phoenix Lake, and Mt. Balde
are all amazing options. As far as water sports there are still plenty of options to be had.
Fort Cronkhite and Bolinas/Stinson Beach are some of the best surf breaks that Marin
has to offer but with a short drive over the Golden Gate, you will find plenty more
options. There is also a large sailing community in Marin operating mainly out of the
Corinthian Yacht Club, San Francisco Yacht Club, and the Sausalito Yacht Club.

You will quickly come to find that there are almost unlimited food options as well.
No matter the occasion, there is a restaurant or cafe that will exceed any expectations
you have no matter which town you are in. There are plenty of famous restaurants,
fast-casual sit-downs, and healthy to-go options scattered throughout the county.
Another thing that Marin has been emphasizing more and more is the farm-to-table idea
so that, as a customer, you know that everything you are enjoying is extremely healthy,
fresh, and delicious.

The housing market in Marin is overall extremely competitive so it is very
important to have an agent that is well versed and experienced in the area. As
mentioned before, it is also very important to have an understanding of all of the
different towns and neighborhoods in the area as you go through the process of buying
a new home in Marin because there really is a perfect fit for every individual. Marin is
truly a special place with so much to offer!

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