Rent VS Buy

Rent vs Buy

The age-old decision to rent or buy has always been a big starting point for
anyone looking to move and it is an extremely important decision to make. As you move
across the country it can vary depending on where you live and what your own situation
looks like. Both options are great for different individuals as long as you know what you
are looking for. As we focus on California there are many other factors to take into
account when deciding what is best for you.

The main factors are your financial situation and long-term plans. In places like
California, you must also take into account the higher home prices that span throughout
the state. If you are able to afford them, buying is a smart idea because you are able to
start creating a little nest egg as you are investing in the real estate market. This can be
very beneficial in the future if the decision to start a family is made and you need to
expand. There is also the inherent sense of stability that comes with owning a home
that is yours because you can be creative and free to design and change it as you
please. It is yours and it really feels like a home.

If you are looking to try out an area or a certain town, the option of renting may
be more suited towards you. By renting you open yourself to more freedom to move
around and try out new places before you decide to buy. This is an amazing way to
move to a new area that you have little knowledge of and is a great way to indulge
yourself into different communities. The option of renting also eliminates many of the
costs that come with homeownership which may be helpful to someone with a bit tighter
of a budget who wants to make sure that they find the perfect place to settle down.

In the end there really is no answer to which option is better. It really just comes
down to each individuals situation and what their goals for the future are. Both options
have there strengths and weaknesses and the most important thing is finding out which
option is best for you!

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